As with any top quality professional dating agency we always have more ladies than men. - there are two unattached professional ladies aged 35 to 50 for every man in the U.K. Therefore 50% of professional ladies over 35 are unlikely to find a lifetime partner and maybe 75% of ladies over 39. As we only accept younger slim attractive intelligent ladies aged 24 to 53, our men do get spoilt for choice and find their partners so we need to replace them.




Because its the calibre of our men that makes us successful.We guarantee that in six weeks you will meet two high quality men who are seeking a committed relationship (most agencies you are likely to wait many months) or take a 100% refund towards any other agency in the World.

During the most intensive interview in the industry we screen out the sort of guys that waste your time. Mean, selfish arrogant, players, married,"sweet" men, mummies boys etc. We pass them over to other agencies who snap them up. We only accept men who we are proud to introduce you to.

 ALL our men will be intellectually stimulating matching your intelligence and emotionally strong, genuinely unattached and seriously looking for his long term partner. For details of the guys we have declined to take see:


Frequently Asked Questions


NOTE: not all these features apply to every membership so they are not a contractual condition, however if a certain feature is important to you, we may add it in writing to your contract.




Meet  two of the best dates of your life in your first 6 weeks or take the 100% refund option.

Within  6 weeks if  you think you could have joined a better agency anywhere in the World take the 100% refund option.

Already with another professional introduction agency? If they find you your partner we make a 100% refund to you.

Change your mind after joining? take the 100% refund option for 3 days.

Meet AT LEAST 10 genuine high quality introductions in your first 12 months with us, or take a proportionate refund

Pay just 50%  and try the service before paying in full

  • 1. 50 Unique Features About Us

    We list below, 50 unique features that make The Executive Club of St. James’s truly in a class of it’s own. It would take an exceptional introduction agency to meet just 10 of these 50 listed benefits. Most agencies would not still be in business if they offered just ONE of our refund guarantees.

    Many agencies will not disclose prices until the end of your interview, only then to be told, it is 8K, 10K, 20K or even £100K so to help, we have published the other agencies prices for you, see:


    We clearly display all our prices and membership levels in paragraph 10 below.

    · quality & younger age of members (ladies aged 28 – 53)

    · 30 years experience

    · lifetime membership

    · refreshingly honest

    · Subsidised image / lifestyle /dating/ consultant

    · family owned business

    · If you are already a current paid up member of another professional introduction agency and they find you a partner to marry we will refund your membership fee IN FULL

    · try the service for 6 weeks with the right to a full refund towards any other agency in the world if you’re not impressed.

    · direct telephone contact to the owner 12hrs a day

    · 50% REFUND FOR ANY REASON in your first two months, e.g moving, met someone – (even through us) etc, or THREE MONTHS if you become unemployed

    · Free/subsidised make up training.

    · FREE/subsidised 100 photo session with CD and copyright for ladies.

    · Special memberships and discounts for different skin colours to offset any slow down in service.

    · Your personal advisor will travel to your home or office to discuss introductions (VIP only).

    · Discounted consultant for wardrobe /style advice with personal shopping.

    · Free 2 hour face to face, 6 month review with owner if you are still with us.

    · No promotional discounts EVER, all members pay the same price as you do for membership.

    · All introductions arranged personally by our staff. This ensures the member is still active and wants to meet with you. Many agencies just send out your information by post and hope the member is still single, still breathing and hope they will respond to your photograph and profile.

    · Interviews carried out in private, at our luxury London training apartment (opposite The House of Commons - not in a coffee bar or hotel lobby as many others).

    · A range of membership options so you only have to pay for the level of service you actually require.

    · Rejection of clients we deem unsuitable to you, gold diggers, cold, selfish, mean, guys living with their parents etc.

    · We only offer membership if we believe we are the best service available for you, that it will work and that we have sufficient dates NOW for you to meet . You will never wait months for a first date with us, or expect you to travel 200 miles

    · Money back performance guarantees.

    · All prices clearly shown before your interview see para 9.

    · Lower membership fees.

    · £50 voucher for facial rejuvenation ( male & female) by highly qualified medical doctor.

    · Credit and debit cards accepted.

    · serious relationships only.

    · 2 .5 hour free interview.

    · structured memberships from £130 to £16.K

    · personal hand matching.

    · membership “3 day change your mind” cooling off period.

    · split payments up to 12 months.

    · Saturday/Sunday and late evening interviews 5pm, 6pm and 7pm starts (charged).

    · Interviews conducted anywhere in the World (charged).

    · Minimum number of introductions in 12 months or the right to a refund.

    · You may request your interview with Alun, the owner, so you may benefit from his 30 years experience (charged but subsidised) or with Dr Kathrine Benjamin a licensed Phd. qualified, relationships psychologist.

    · Free or subsidised flirtation and relationships training for men and women.

    · Discount for clients aged under 30.

    · No free memberships given to make up your dates with non committed people just along for the “free ride”. Men who expect the women to pay fees so they don’t have too, we would rather not have. (Having seen the quality of members accepted by many agencies, we can well understand why they would offer free membership if you date their member)s.

    Extreme confidentiality as some of the world’s most famous people have used us, (we don’t use serviced offices with paper thin walls, public rooms in hotels or coffee shops).

    · All contracts and performance guarantees available to read BEFORE you attend an interview (see www.ecsf.co.uk)

    · We will NEVER make up your dates by using our friends or staff – oh yes they do!

    · All your membership fee refunded if we fail to find you a long term partner with our top membership.

    · Full 4 to 5 hour in depth interview with Alun Jenkins or Dr Kathrine Benjamin personally. (charged).

    · Extremely safe. We ask questions no other agency asks from financial status, criminal record, medical history including sexual history. Clients sign a legally enforceable contract that they have not withheld any relevant information and all the answers are 100% true.

    · We can access other agencies in the unlikely event we run out of people suitable for you.

    · We will give you feed back on what members thought about you, so you can modify / improve your dating techniques.

    · NOTE not all these features apply to every membership so they are not a contractual condition, however if a certain feature is important to you, we may add it in writing to your contract.

    · **** If you want a relationship better than that of your parents, if you have dated mainly losers, then see para 29 below as we would STRONGLY recommend a full 5 hour interview with Alun Jenkins which is why we heavily subsidise it..

    Many things make us unique, firstly, it is the quality and age group of our members – ladies aged 24 to 43, not over size 12 and gentlemen aged 28 to 59 5ft 6ins tall and over and looking for a lifetime partner.

    Most dating agencies survive on the large fees ladies in their late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s will pay to join. There is only ONE reason we decline taking fees from this age group, as we could easily provide dates, but with 29 years experience, we know that the chances of a “paired relationship” are very slim, we promise we have tried. Gentlemen of the quality they require to meet, can, and do, pair up with younger ladies, because they can.

    We offer several money back guarantees that even after 29 years, no other UK introduction gency has been able to match even one *. They are:

    * We have found ONE agency that will offer our 3 day change your mind guarantee why only one?) they are new on the block interesting to see if they last as over 50% of new agencies fail within two years.


    3 DAY CHANGE YOUR MIND cooling off period

    6 WEEKS TO TRY THE SERVICE with the right to have ALL YOUR FEE REFUNDED towards any other introduction agency in the World.

    STOP YOUR MEMBERSHIP for any reason in the first two months, (extended to 3 months if you lose your job) even if you have met your partner through us and have a 50% refund.

    Guaranteed minimum number of introductions.  A minimum of 10 introductions in 12 months with the right for a proportionate refund should we fail (most unlikely!)

    If another introduction agency finds you a partner to live with/marry we will refund your fee. Try asking other agencies to give ANY of these guarantees (please make sure they have a change of underwear first!).

    We have a selective membership policy and only accept clients whom our members would be proud to meet, and who we feel will be suitable for each other. All members must be well mannered, articulate, intelligent, successful and seeking to settle down with someone special. We turn away millionaires if we think they are mean. We are sure we have the highest quality membership of any UK dating agency – that is how we alone in the UK, are able to offer ANY of these guarantees and we have been in this business for over 30 years.

    Many  of our members come from personal recommendation. This attracts exceptional high quality people and keeps our membership costs lower. Without this level of recommendation, we, like all the newer introduction agencies that attempt to emulate us, would also have to charge fees of many thousands of pounds to cover marketing costs.


  • 2. How does your dating service work?

    Most unattached professionals have the same problem, where can you go to meet other unattached professionals of the quality you would want to spend your life with? Most of your time is spent searching, not dating. We can change that by introducing you to the best selection of unattached professionals in the U.K. You may also attend top singles events organised by our sister social events organisation?


    Social events are a good evening out on your own and you will make many

    new friends, male and female, however the calibre of people attending

    social events is not to the same standard as those you meet in our

    introduction agency. Many social members are not yet looking for a committed

    relationship and do not have to meet the minimum standards set by our

    introduction service.



    The introduction agency process isafter a thorough (usually  

    5 hours but not less than 2.5hrs) interview, the client in conjunction with their

    personal adviser writes a dating profile. Members are allocated a

    dedicated personal advisor, most other agencies only provide this facility

    to higher levels of membership, usually just passing over written profiles

    between clients by post, hoping the other party will respond.


    All our introductions are set up by your advisor acting as an intermediary

    and are carried out by telephone, as it is quicker, more personal and more

    successful. Your advisor selects members they feel would be interesting

    for you to meet. We tell you about them (see para 15, for an example), you

    may accept or reject the suggestion YOU MAKE THE CHOICE. Many

    agencies select the introduction for you and that’s your introduction

    whether you meet or not, or whether they are suitable or not.


    If you agree to meet the member we have recommend to you, we contact

    **them by telephone** and tell them about you. If they decline, neither of

    you would even know each others first name or of course have seen your

    photograph. If the member accepts, we pass over a first name to each

    client and a contact telephone number.


    Providing our client is contactable, we can get back to you within the hour -

    your date is on. Whoever initiated the date, calls the other party. Spend

    about 10 mins talking to each other on the phone, then arrange carefully

    where to meet. When clients agree to the date, they have committed to

    meet each other face to face, for at least 15mins over a coffee. We get

    feed back from both parties on the dates, helping us monitor members

    behaviour and preferences.


    ** High level clients Executive, Diamond, VIP & Presidential members

  • may then view a photograph if clients have given us permission to show it

  • before finally accepting the introduction. (They have to sign a very strict

  • confidentiality contract if they were show a photograph to any other person,

  • they lose their membership).


  • 3. How do you find your members?

    In addition to our excellent positioning on the major internet search engines,

  • our marketing sources have included The Saturday Times, The Sunday Times,

  • The National Press, The Evening Standard, the top financial publications, most

  • quality women’s magazines, commercial radio, specialist magazines such as GQ,

  • Time Out and Tatler, The London Underground, poster sites such as at Clapham Junction,

  • as well as direct mail.

    Our most successful lead source however, certainly  for quality  is from the recommendations

  • of our previous and existing members. We have also advertised in Gyms, on station concourses etc (waste of time!) .

  • 4. How do I join your introduction agency?

    First you need to read through these FAQ’s,

  • so we may check basic details about you. We can then tell you honestly, whether our service

  • is likely to work for you, or recommend a more appropriate agency for you.

    If we feel comfortable with each other, we’ll invite you to attend an interview

    in London or at your home. Our office hours for new member enquiries are

    at weekends, we normally take calls – but no promises!) For members our

    dedicated dating line is 01323490666 7pm to 9pm Mondays to Thursday.

    PLEASE READ PARA 6, 10, 31  BEFORE calling us on

  • 5. Who do you not invite to see you?

    We must feel proud of you and know that our members would also be proud to meet

  • you and you are of the quality they could settle down with. (don’t do dates for sexual

  • friendships etc., only clients seeking a special relationship).

    We must believe that you will benefit from our service and you will be

    comfortable dating our members. We have found from experience, that our

    service does not work for everybody, and we will be honest enough from

    the outset to tell you and advise you of other agencies more suitable for

    your needs.


    Our introduction service does not work for men aged under 28, or less than

    5’6” in height. From past experience we have found the service does not

    work for ladies over 44 years of age or over dress size 12. We expect all

    members to be intelligent, articulate, socially skilled and well mannered. If a

    client’s longest relationship was less than 6 months or they have just come

    out of a long-term relationship, it is unlikely they would be invited for an



    You are welcome to call and talk to us, we are happy to help and we will be

    able to discuss alternatives for you.

  • 6. Where do you interview and is there a cost?

    Clients are usually interviewed at our London training centre, at Parliament

  • View opposite The House of Commons or at your home.

    95% of ALL WOMEN NEED and will benefit from the 5 hour interview

    and 85% of men opt for one.

    NOTE: We REFUND 50% of your interview fee up to £30 from membership

  • fees over £500 if you join at your interview.

    All interviews are on a ‘one to one’ basis, where we endeavour to find out a

    lot more about you and what you require from a relationship. This is made

    up of many factors, including your previous relationships, in addition to

    what you need for the future. We pride ourselves in providing the facility

    that enables you to find someone very special to spend your life with.

    Interviews with a member of staff at 12.15pm or 2.30pm are FREE of

    you can request an interview with Alun Jenkins our owner at the subsidised

    charges as shown below ( highly recommended for everyone)

      2.5 hrs 5 hrs
    before 9.30 am £50 £60
    9.30  – 10.30 am                   £25 £35
    11.0 – 4.00 pm                                £35 £60
    11.30 – 12.00                     FREE WITH A N/A
                                                                                                 MEMBER of STAFF
    4.30 – 5,00 pm £40 £50
    5.30 – 6.30 pm                                 £45 £60
    9.0 – 10.30                        £65 £75
    11.00  – 4.30 pm                        £65 £95
    5.0 – 6.30pm                             £70 £110
    before 10am                              £80 £130
    10.30 – 4.30pm £75 £120
    5.00 – 6.30pm                   £65 £100

    If after attending a 4 to 5 hour interview, you thought it was unnecessarily

    long, or think you did not gain great benefit from it, tell us within 7 days, and

    we will donate half the fee you paid to a charity.


    Interviews are usually held at our training apartment at White City London W4

    London. opposite The House of Commons ar at your home.

    Interviews held at your London home or within 30 miles driving distance

    from Brighton are charged at plus £30 to the fees shown above. We will

    interview anywhere in the World be it Washington, Tyne and Wear or

    Washington, USA, at an agreed cost of course. In all circumstances we

    take a deposit by debit/credit card when we book an interview, provided you

    keep the appointment this payment is not processed. If you fail to make the

    appointment for whatever reason, including resetting the appointment to

    another time or day, you will then be charged a £30 cancellation fee, or if

    you give us less than 3 hours notice, the fee is £60 as we will incur

    additional costs. For weekend interviews we retain 50% of the interview fee

    upon cancellation or retain 100% for less than 3 hours notice.


    This deposit system is ‘truly magic’ and really improves your health, withoutit, 1 in 10 clients have an ‘emergency’ or illness that prevents

    them attending, yet with it, only 1 in 35 clients experience emergencies or fall ill,

    (better than BUPA!). We do not charge for being up to 20 minutes late after

    which we make a charge of £10 for waiting and a further £10 if you have

    not arrived within 35 minutes of your appointment.


    If you think a 5 hour interview is too long to spend, even to find a lifetime

    partner, talk to Paul Mc Cartney about Heather Mills! We believe it’s an

    important part of the journey to finding your lifetime partner. Please note, for

    any interview arranged, for any reason, (albeit at your home, our offices or

    other agreed place ), all carry the cancellation fee of £30 or £60.

  • 7. How many members do you have?

    We have over 3,000 members in total. However total membership figures are very

    misleading in fact dishonest. We believe many agencies lie about their figures, one claiming

    to have 3,000 members we believe has less than 120 and if 70% are all ladies

    aged 50 – 70, or gentlemen under 25 they couldn’t raise one proper date. as we have have

    frequently heard). Some agencies claim membership figures of the total numbers ever to

    join e.g. 20,000 in our case. Active members available for dating, within your age range and

    socio economic group are the only members of use to you. When you attend our interviews

    we will tell you how many introductions you are likely to get in 1 year and and how

    successful the service is likely to be for, in writing.

    We have seen some agencies displaying very attractive ladies and we had the exact

    same photograph on our files over 15 years ago when they actually looked like that! even in


    We have seen some agencies displaying very attractive girls and we had

    the exact  same photograph on our files over 15 years ago when they

    actually looked like that!


    Active membership figures vary throughout the year but are usually around

    200/300 If we take on 30 new members and 28 of our current members

    pair up with them and leave, we then have 26 members less than we

    started with. Large memberships can only be accrued over many years

    from clients the service has failed, or of course, they never were looking for

    a committed relationship in the first place. If we were less successful

    our membership figures would swell  with members either because our

    service was poor or the members were ‘unsaleable’.


    Beware of dating agencies that make all sorts of verbal promises on the

    web site or at the interview, only to find when you’ve joined the small print

    on the contract doesn’t even guarantee 2 dates in a year or indeed during

    your whole membership period. Ask them to write down the promises

    they make on the contract.  One agency guaranteed just one introduction

    within six months for your £12K fee! another promised just two. Always

    read the contract thoroughly before joining,  preferably before attending

    the interview.  If it is  a condition in the small print, there must be a reason

    for it, otherwise it would not be there. One introduction agency costing over

    £8K makes it a breach of your contract if you say anything derogatory

    about their service or anyone they introduced to  to anyone without their

    prior permission, why would they need that clause?


    Take the contract home overnight and read it carefully BEFORE SIGNING,  or make them write a 24 hour cancellation condition with a full refund see a copy ALL of our contracts now and the onerous small print on many expensive agencies contracts at:




  • 8. Can I see photographs?

    Usually No. We attract the quality of people we do because of our absolute

    confidentiality, indeed we have had the privilege of having one of the most famous people in

    the world as a member. Do you think top people would join if we showed their

    photograph to people walking into our office? There are agencies that will show photographs

    of their members before you join, we will not. For our Executive and VIP members if

    appropriate we show photographs to them as they are under a strict contractual obligation

    to maintain absolute confidentiality.

    If you were not suitably impressed with our members you can leave under our unique

    money back guarantees, and we are still the only agency in the UK who are prepared to offer

    this”quality refund guarantee”.

    .We of course have photographs of all our clients and your advisor will describe their appearance to you including their height and weight.

  • 9. Which level of membership would I need and the cost?

    For full information click on “read more” and to To view FULL copies of all our contracts, guarantees and confidentiality contracts for every level of membership see: http://www.ecsf.co.uk


    The interview is partly to assess which level of membership you would require. Joining fees are spent on marketing to maintain the quality of the members available to you. With all memberships, a monthly service fee extends the membership period indefinitely and covers the administration costs (wages rents etc. – oh! and Alun’s Migralieve tablets – thank you!). We will not recommend an inexpensive membership if we do not think it will work for you. We are more likely to suggest another introduction agency. A guide to which membership level you will require is given in the membership level details see paragraph 10. below.  Our consultant will recommend the membership level you would need.

    Executive Club Joining Fees
    All listed memberships are lifetime memberships

    or   as stated below. All prices include VAT where appropriate.

     We accept  Visa, Access,  Maestro and Amex debit and credit cards 

    Membership fees, where necessary (such as one parent family), can be spread over a period of time see para 10K)


    This membership allows you to attend all the social events. Cost £130 for a one year membership or   £145 for lifetime membership which also allows you to bring guests with you. This membership is suitable for people aged 38 upwards and is open to a wider range of people and does not require an interview. Social Membership is an inclusive benefit for all other membership levels at no charge . You also qualify for up to £430 of cash-back towards training courses see para 51 for details.


                         DATING MEMBERSHIPS

    Each membership includes cash-back towards he normal costs of various approved training consultants. These training courses are also available to non members at the normal  cost. For full details see para 51 below.


    *PASSIVE MEMBERSHIP £340 to £650

    This membership allows your details to be held by us, you cannot activate dates, but your details will be available to our dating clients who may ask to meet you.  Cost £650 less any age discounts up to 50%  ** including a free two hour interview. Service fee £20/month. Cash back towards training courses £43.

    *This membership is only successful for ladies who are slim, attractive, non smoking, single, and without children  and between 5.4″to 5.8″ tall. Gentlemen should be 5ft 8+ tall, single, without children. It is not usually successful for  clients of a different ethnic background(see discounts for age and skin colour,  para 9L below).


    As this membership is heavily subsidised, this is the only membership where you will be required to make your decision whether or not to join at the interview, as it is not financially viable to interview clients twice.



    This membership is similar but SUPERIOR to MOST other U.K. professional introduction agencies who  usually  charge around £2K to £8K (and some  many thousands) for an equivalent or far lesser level of service.  It is a 14 dates programme at up to two per month (other agencies charging £1800 usually provide just one date every one or two months or less, then extend your membership period for as long as it takes to get 14 dates. It can be many years). For us, this is a  basic level of  service

    cost:  £1150 plus £20 per month.

     After you have received 14 dates through us,  you may extend your membership as a a passive member for life  (where our members may request to meet you) by continuing to pay your normal monthly fee of £20. This membership is suitable for men and for ladies on  a tight budget. We usually recommend  Gold as it locks you into active dating  indefinitely. In addition  to other agencies service  we  include a free two/three hour  interview, a dedicated personal advisor to help you  select your introductions and of course access to all our high quality members. With our basic membership  we will active dates for ladies with men earning up to £50K and for men we will activate dates with ladies up  to 8 years younger. For Gold Membership there are no  age or earning restrictions on who we will active a date with.

     Refund Contributions: We will refund up to £430 of your membership fee towards approved training courses. see para 51 below

     This is our budget membership and carries different guarantees to our other memberships but includes the guarantee that you will get at least 14 introductions.

    Cost £1150  service fee £20 per month.


     2. GOLD MEMBERSHIP £1865

    Lifetime active dating membership. We do not limit your  total introductions. We will arrange, up  to three introductions in a month at your request, plus any  clients asking to meet you. You are allocated a dedicated personal advisor who will recommend members to you and tell you about  them and about new members who have joined  Your advisor may access a special  data base of non-members who were head-hunted for our VIP clients. You also have free  access to meet   with the owner who can give advice on getting the very best from the service and general   advice on  dating, gleaned from over 29 years in the business. This membership includes cash-back refunds up to £770 see para 51 for details. Gold membership really is a 1st class membership for clients requiring a high level of service and this is the membership we would normally recommend to  97% of clients. 

     We give you a money refund promise that Gold Membership  it is superior  to all other UK introduction agencies, even those   costing £15K more. If VIP membership if available and offered and you are in a position to afford it, you should seriously  consider VIP.   Monthly service fee  £33.



    This membership is as Gold with this one added benefit

    Subject to extreme  confidentiality conditions, we will allow you sight of photographs of members who have given us  permission (99% have) and that you have  expressed a positive interest in meeting, subject to sight of their photograph.  In addition you are given a priority in accessing new members after the  VIP members. Cash refunds toward training as Gold  Service.  Monthly Service Fee £65.



     4 V.I.P MEMBERSHIP £5,875

    Your dedicated VIP advisor Julia, will visit you and spend half a day with you at your home, understanding you and your lifestyle. At your request she will visit you every 2 months at your home, office, or our office, bringing hand selected profiles and photographs to you, from which to choose your dates. In addition your VIP advisor will monitor all new members joining and telephone you  with details of those who meet  your requirements. This means you jump the queue and could be meeting new members within days of them joining.

     Your VIP advisor also has access to the best of several other affiliated professional dating organisations to choose your introductions from.


    This service is recommended for people wanting a high level of personal service and has an exception success rate. We do not know of any agency that can match this level of service regardless of whatever they charge albeit £8K, or £60K.  Who is it for? Generally anyone requiring a superior  service such as very successful ladies aged from 33, and most ladies aged 39 or above would require this service level (less men available who can match your lifestyle and you are competing  with 34 year old’s fothe same men, so you need to  jump to the front of the queue and it works!).


     Just 1% of UK population earn £150K plus, most are married or in a relationship then take out homosexuals, mummies boys, gamblers alcoholics, loners, weak,  emotionally cold, selfish and players not looking for commitment –  nothing to do with looks or own teeth!, then 50% of the guys are under 5ft 8ins Now you know why you are having difficulty meeting good quality people and need us.. 

     VIP is recommended  for gentleman of any age who want the best service,  especially so, if you want to meet ladies a lot younger than yourself. If you can afford  it, this is a  superb level of membership and highly recommended.


    Note: We restrict this exceptional level of membership to a MAXIMUM of 10 men of any age and just 6 women in each of  these age bands,

    under 34, 34 to 38, 38 to 41, 41 to 44, and over 44.


    CASH-BACK for training courses. We refund 90% of your training fees up to £1,500

    . As there are more training benefits for ladies we balance the fairness  to men by

    offering a ” if you meet 15 of our  members twice and have not found at least a three

     month relationship then we will make a £500 refund see www.ecvip.co.uk for full details.

    Service fee £135


    VIP Availability

    Male available, Ladies very restricted availability

    If   all the VIP places are taken. We may offer DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP  at £3650 plus £90 per month service fee with all the benefits of VIP except one, VIP’s  will always jump to the front of the queue to meet new members as soon as they join. You will join a waiting list whereby when a VIP membership becomes available you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade 



     * NOTE: Ladies: 1 place available . Male:  2 Presidential places available


    This membership is a very high level service and is a second to no other in the U.K. regardless of

    cost.   It is similar to VIP but with  many added  benefits including Alun Jenkins (the  owner)

    arranging your introductions when necessary and also setting up introductions with

    clients when they attend their initial interview in London. We will carry out personal head-hunting for

    you at no extra cost.  This membership is only of benefit to a few people as the VIP service is

    more than adequate for the vast majority of people. We restrict all presidential memberships

    including Presidential Plus membership to only 2 active men and 2 active women. All training

    fees are refunded 100%, Wardrobe, make up, flirting/relationships,etc,. up to £1,700 refunded.

    Service Fee £145  



    This is a guaranteed success service OR ALL YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUNDED. It is the only

    dating service we know of in the World, with a success or full money back guarantee. It is  the

    same  service as  Presidential with an absolute success  guarantee,that should you fail to find

    a  long term  partner (usually to marry or live with) within 2 years  of active membership, we will at

    your request refund your fee as follows. If you have had a relationship lasting 4 months or more with

    a member we will refund 50% of your  membership fee, if not, WE WILL REFUND  100% OF



    Service fee 145 per month.




    7.i   REDUCTIONS  

    (We have  SKIN & AGE DISCOUNTS for members aged under 30 and a positive discrimination policy for different skin colours to offset any fall off in the service.



     The following reductions apply on   Passive, Basic, Gold and Executive memberships. Age  25 or under – 50%, age 26 – 40%, age 27 – 30% age 28 – 20%, age 29  10%  age 30+ nil.  



    In addition to age discounts above we operate a

    positive discrimination policy on skin colour to

    balance the fall off in service caused by different

    skin colours preferences of our clients. Black less

    40%,  Brown 30% , Asian/Oriental 10%  on Gold

    and Executive memberships. 


    7.4  We have a special reduced cost membership available to clients with black skin only, all the benefits as Gold, except pay just £150, try the service for 3 months with a 2 date minimum guarantee, then either drop out at no further cost or pay £150 for a further 2 dates minimum guarantee membership and continue extending your membership until you have paid a total of £600 after which you will remain a lifetime member with no service fee payable. Age discounts also apply.   Call us for details.


    Lifetime memberships are kept active by payment of a monthly service fee of £20, £33, £65, 

    £135, £145, You may drop in and out of membership at will see para 37. and stop your

    service fees.


    Pay just 50% now.  If you join any membership costing over £700 on the day of your first interview

    (it then saves us a second meeting), we will waive your first months service fee and include these

    additional benefits listed:  We may also at our discretion allow single parents or low earners to

    spread their payments over longer periods at no extra charge


     7.7  You have a three day cooling off period to change your mind and cancel at no cost


     7.8  Should you wish to drop out of your membership  during  your first two months with us,

    FOR ANY REASON   eg. You have paired up with someone (even through us), or you

    are moving  out of the area  etc., providing no fees are overdue, we allow you to drop out

    of membership with a 50% refund of your membership. This will however also cancel

    your lifetime membership. Any additional training / photo sessions/ training voucher used will

    be then charged at the normal rate.    To rejoin at a later date would involve the normal selection

    process at the  appropriate membership fees prevailing at the time.

     If however you become unemployed, we extend the guarantee to THREE MONTHS, AND allow you to rejoin within 12 months by topping up  to the full fee.


    7.9   As most of the training course refunds apply mainly to women, we give  this extra

    benefit. to men. If you meet 15 of our members twice and have not had at least a three month

    relationship then we will make a refund of £300 to Gold members and £500 to

    VIP members and above.


     7.10  We will refund 50% of any interview fee you have paid, up to £30. (Applies to week day

    interviews held within 30 miles of central London but not travel costs).


    We accept payment by cheque, direct transfer or credit/debit cards and Amex


  • 10. How do I choose my dates?

    Your personal advisor will recommend members to you. Your advisor will tell you more about the members including their appearance from their photographs, see para 15 for a typical description. You make the final decision whether you would like to meet them, if so, we contact them to tell them of you. Many agencies choose your introductions for you, regardless of what you may ask for and some agencies may allow you to decline a few dates only, after which anyone they offer you is counted as an introduction whether you meet or not. If the member agrees to meet you, we’ll call you back with any positive results. When we pass over a members’ telephone number, your ‘date is on’, and you can only talk yourself out of that date. The member has agreed that, on the information they were given, you are the sort of person they would like to meet over a coffee, to see if it could develop further.

    Remember, if we contact you with a member’s details you are under no pressure to say ‘yes’, but if you do, we expect you to meet, albeit for a 15- minute coffee. We discourage our members requesting people who provisionally accept dates and then decline to meet for a coffee without a very good reason. You control the pace of your own dating by calling us whenever you want us to arrange an introduction for you. We will of course also call you if a member is requesting to meet with you.

    Who   you choose to date is always your choice you are always at liberty to decline any introduction we suggest to you,  although we ask that you tell us why honestly, as it helps members to adapt so they may get the best from our service. We are here to help.


    Some agencies lead you to believe that after meeting you for 40 minutes and completing tick boxes on their I-pads  “granny” will be able to choose a suitable partner for you, Well in 30 years we have not been able to find that magic power to match sense of humour chemistry etc between  two people even after our 5 hour interviews. Your advisers will personally select  good quality people for you to meet, based on what you tell her, including your feed back from previous dates and then you meet, to see if the “x” factor is there.  The 10 RULE. Meet 10 members, 2 a waste of time, 6 really nice but not for you, 2 you  date several times and  become friends, 4 good friends – BINGO – “THE ONE”

  • 11. How do I arrange the actual date?

    Telephone your date at a time you think is reasonable for them. We would consider it unreasonable to call before 8 am on weekdays or 9.30 am on weekends or after 9.30pm. Ask for your contact, remembering that the person may be our member’s daughter with the same name or the babysitter, so always be as discreet as we are and never mention The Executive Club. Use ‘a friend of ‘members only codeword’ or ‘from The Club’, if you have too.

    They, of course, are expecting a call from you and have already heard your basic description and your first name.  Your date however may be in the middle of a children’s party or with a nosy neighbour, so always ask if it is convenient to talk, if not arrange a more convenient time. In case of difficulty in making contact, call your advisor for help. Your date was on before your call you can only talk yourself out of a date. Talk for no more than 10 minutes to re-assure each other you want to meet then  the man should arrange when and where to meet. Guys, women  hate it, if you have no idea where to meet and hope they can set the venue up – a bit wet!

  • 12. How do I act on a date?

    Your first and second date with members is a ‘club date’, this means that you are our representative and we demand that you act in a manner that we can be proud of you. Try to relax and don’t talk about your ‘ex’! If any member makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, telephone your advisor, so we can monitor the situation. Keep the conservation positive don’t offload your world problems on your date.

    They are looking for someone to “lift them” not to have listen to your problems all night. How come a person that moans and whinges all night calls us to say their date was not attractive and lacked “sparkle or chemistry” and the next person finds them bubbly attractive and pairs up with them?

    If a member starts talking about his/her obsession for orange suspenders on a first or second date we would check their previous dates for any problems and we may decline to date that member. We investigate all complaints.

    Who pays. A first date is usually a coffee or drink so we expect the man to pay, the second date is usually dinner and we would expect the man to pay. However if it is a very expensive meal, it may be acceptable for the lady to make a contribution of the wine etc, but on a third date the lady should either treat the man or make a contribution. Don’t use expensive restaurants because, if the date is not to your liking you will choke on your food and if they are WOW you won’t be able to taste it.

  • 13. How are the matches produced?

    You are allocated a personal advisor who searches for and recommends members to you They have no magic powers able to predict matching chemistry, sense of humour or whether you will fancy each other.

    Who you choose to date is always your liberty to decline any introduction we suggest to you, although we ask that you tell us why honestly, as it helps members to adapt so they may get the best from our service.

  • 14. What details do you give out to members?

    Here is typical description we would give to you. She lives in the North West area of London she says she’s a simple solicitor in a top international law firm, specialising in commercial law, aged early 30’s 5ft 5ins tall weighs 8st 9lbs dress size, with an excellent figure. We would rate her as very attractive with short brown very trendy hair with very good skin, slim build shapely.

    She’s well-spoken classy and always bubbly to talk to, single never married without children and is a non-smoker. If you’re into star signs she’s an Aries. She has British and USA. Nationality lived in the USA until 2001 but loves the UK and wants to live here forever she says. Her personality is kind caring hardworking maybe too hardworking, confident bubbly and fun to be with. She drinks occasionally and is educated to degree level and has a MBA. She enjoys her work and is reasonably well paid but spends it all on clothes and holidays. She enjoys trips to the cinema and theatre, occasional concerts from pop to classical – loves the proms. Great days out Ascot, Henley or visiting stately homes around the UK. Enjoys the countryside, walks in the country or renting a cottage in the Cotswold’s at Christmas. Loves log fires and snow. Moderate skier poor golfer but good at tennis. Enjoys travel been all over South America, Canada and the USA, she would like to explore Europe and Africa. She’s renowned for giving dinner parties or just having friends round for good conversation (not about work!) and sharing a bottle of good wine. She would like to meet someone aged 33 to 46ish kind intelligent able to tame me as I know I am a little too independent for my own good so very willing to learn!

  • 15. Do I only meet members of the same membership level as myself?

    No. You may meet members at all levels of membership. The fee you pay is for the level of personal service you receive from us and the ability to access the new members more quickly. You are not able to select VIP members but they are able to select you. Indeed they were probably told […]

    No. You may meet members at all levels of membership. The fee you pay is for the level of personal service you receive from us and the ability to access the new members more quickly. You are not able to select VIP members but they are able to select you. Indeed they were probably told about you the week you joined.

  • 16. Will people ask to date me?

    Perhaps, taller interesting gentlemen over 34 years of age often get dated by ladies. Attractive ladies under 33 are often requested by gentlemen. Shorter gentlemen and ladies over 37ish will need to request their own dates to get the best from the service and should consider higher membership levels if available.

    For more information see para 26 does age make a differnce

  • 17. Can I have advice/training on dating, makeup, dress style and flirting?

    Yes. We have found this to be very helpful so we make considerable contributions towards a consultation with independent consultants. See para 51 for details.

    For memberships from Gold upwards you may also have a free 2 hour consultation/review with the owner Alun Jenkins. To read the comments of clients attending these training sessions We strongly recommend this relationship / flirt training to all ladies even if you join another agency we are sure you will find it very useful indeed. (If you do not think this is one of the best training sessions you have ever had in your life we will donate half your fee to charity).

    With men we recommend the how to date any women without rejection then make it the best date of her life.

  • 18. What if I am short or over-weight etc.?

    From previous experience we have found the service works less well, especially so for shorter gentlemen who should normally be at least 5ft 6ins tall (Tom Cruise you can call us though if you wish).

    You will be given an indication of any problems personal to you  at your interview. Being overweight will reduce how well the service will work, especially so for ladies. Members outside of the normal range (e.g. for ladies 5ft 3ins to 5ft 9ins up to size 12,) would usually require a higher level of membership.  (average heights in the UK: male 5ft 9ins, ladies 5ft 5ins) this means 50% of UK males are 5ft .9ins or UNDER.

  • 19. Does it matter where I live?

    Maybe. The service works best for people living or working within 20 miles of the M25. However people of a certain calibre living outside of London (our members have ranged from Edinburgh, IoM, to The Bahamas) have little option but to travel to London to meet people of the quality they require. It is a […]

    Maybe. The service works best for people living or working within 20 miles of the M25. However people of a certain calibre living outside of London (our members have ranged from Edinburgh, IoM, to The Bahamas) have little option but to travel to London to meet people of the quality they require. It is a condition of membership that all clients will meet, initially for their first two dates, in central London even if they live abroad. 80% of our clients live within 20 miles of central London.

  • 20. How far should I travel for my dates?

    Generally, the higher the quality of the people you require to meet, the further you should be prepared to travel to meet them. After the first two dates members will often meet you halfway and after all, for that special person to spend the rest of your life with, how can anywhere within reason be too far?

    We have members who fly from Europe for their dates! (to comply with the trades descriptions act – not unaided – they do use aeroplanes). Your first two meetings however should be in central London unless you both agree otherwise. Gentlemen we find it rather bad form to ask that a women travels to meet you locally for your first date, so please do not ask.

  • 21. How many introductions will you offer me?

    That depends to a large extent on who you are and how old you are. After assessing you at the interview we will give you a minimum guarantee in writing. We are the only dating service in the UK we know of that guarantees you a minimum number of introductions in a specified time period and gives you the right to a proportionate refund of your joining fee.

    We will arrange up to two dates at a time for you providing you have no outstanding dates to meet. At your interview we will also give you a prediction in writing of how long it will take to get: 3 good quality dates, Plus how many dates and in what time period it will take to find someone special.. YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO BE OFFERED AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE TO MEET people in a year or take a refund – the only agency in the UK to offer a minimum guarantee over 12 months, many say there is no guarantee of any dates, others extend your membership for years until they get you 6, 8 or 10 dates. Indeed many agencies do not guarantee even one date in your entire membership period but provided they have” tried their best” your fees are non refundable so you could pay £20K for no dates at all, but you did not read their small print properly. To see the onerous small print of other agencies see : www.??

    We give you in writing BEFORE joining these predictions.

    a. How long to meet three good quality dates

    a. How many dates and in what time scale to meet someone nice  enough for  a full sexual relationship / go on holiday with

    b. How many dates and in what time scale special enough to start a relationship where you suspend your membership.  About half of these relationships last and about half come back on to continue their search for the “special one”

    c How many dates over what period to find your life partner

    An indication of our success rates for differing circumstances.



    A slim  attractive  female solicitor aged 29 earning 45K probably a 87% success rate within 8 months or less.

    A slim  attractive female barrister aged 38 earning £100K  probably 60% success rate in 15 months at Gold level or at VIP level 75% in 12 months ( with a probability of around just 20% ever finding a long term partner without using a good  dating agency or relying on internet dating).

    Females the more you earn the less men can match your lifestyle and they have a huge choice. Just 1% of the UK population earn £150K  (October 2014 office of national statistics) or more and that includes married, in a relationship, homosexuals, mummies boys, emotionally cold, mean, loners, alcoholics etc. Now you know why it is so difficult to meet  good quality men, most of them were taken long ago leaving the losers with just a few decent guys still available.



    A  5ft 10ins barrister  aged 45 to 55 earning £130K with a really nice personality probable success rate 95% within 7 months

    A Man 5ft 7ins  GP earning £48K 75% within 12 months or if he has an exceptional personality 90% in 10 months.


    Some agencies claim to have successfully matched 95% of  their members, what that actually means is that they manage to find 95% of their members a  date within 12 months,  on that basis we have a 100% success rate within 4 weeks.

  • 22. What if I smoke?

    Give up! Over 90% of our members will not date a smoker not even at two a day, so being a smoker will seriously reduce your choice of dates. Do not be tempted to lie about your smoking. Remember, many members have joined us specifically requesting a non-smoker. If you have deceived our members or […]

    Give up! Over 90% of our members will not date a smoker not even at two a day, so being a smoker will seriously reduce your choice of dates. Do not be tempted to lie about your smoking. Remember, many members have joined us specifically requesting a non-smoker. If you have deceived our members or us, we may ask you to compensate the member for a wasted evening and we will consider removing your membership for being dishonest (we can’t trust you). We insist that you tell us the truth. IF YOU START, OR INCREASE YOUR SMOKING YOU MUST TELL US. If you stop or reduce your smoking, tell us, as it will improve your choice of contacts.

  • 23. Do you interview all members?

    YES we have the most intensive interview in the business EVERY member is interviewed and checked out, most for 5 hours but a minimum of 2.5 hours. With most agencies you will be out within the hour.

    All new members prior to them being offered membership of The Executive Club. (99% by our owner Alun Jenkins to maintain the highest standards. We have in the past also taken over other introduction agencies (Together Introductions, RSVP Sussex, Personal Touch etc). Their members were also interviewed by their respective agencies prior to being offered membership. members are obliged to declare information other agencies would not ask, full medical disclosure,  financial staus etc.  This enables us to protect our members by imposing conditions on clients membership two examples. If a guy has had a vasectomy or has a low sperm count then if he dates a lady under the age of 35 without children he must disclose this fact on or before a 4th date and to all clients within 8 dates.  If a lady aged 35 has a debilitating condition such as ME or a strong family history of osteoporosis then they  will have to tell dates after perhaps 7 or 8 dates.

    We also have access to a database of non-members who responded to specific advertisements we have placed for individual VIP members. If we allow you access to this database, they are not members and have not been screened in the same way as members, however you would always be informed of this situation.

  • 24. Does age make a difference?

    It certainly does! There are TWO unattached professional females aged 35 to 50 for every ONE unattached professional male in the UK (source Government census) and that includes gays, mummies boys and “players”. All professional agencies have this problem but seem reluctant tell their female clients before joining.


    Under 26 We do not accept you, as we cannot attract enough girls under 25 to give you a service we would be proud of.

    26 to 32

    You will need to do most of, if not all of the dating, as attractive single girls under 30 are usually dated frequently, but we have a good choice of really attractive intelligent ladies for you.

    33 to 38

    Ladies may date you as well, especially if you are interesting and tall. Generally, in this age group, the service works very well indeed as in line with the national demographics we have more ladies than gentlemen.

    38 to 59

    The older you get, the more in demand you become, tall, interesting guys over 42 are usually spoilt. Quality gentlemen in this age group nearly always get snapped up quickly – lucky you!

    Over 60

    We suggest you call and talk to us, as we discourage ladies over 44 joining.

    NOTE unlike other personal introduction agencies we do not take ladies over early 40’s or over size 12 so we have no pressure to push unsuitable dates on gentlemen just to make up their number of dates to avoid having to refund their considerable fees.


    Under 24 We do not usually accept ladies under 24

    24 to 29

    Attractive single ladies in this age group are in demand, hence we discount your joining fees. See para 9:I for details.

    30 to 34

    The service usually works very well indeed with a wide choice of quality men to meet.

    35 to 37

    A good choice of dates you should initiate dates as well don’t just wait for guys to date you.

    38 to 41

    To get the best from the service you will need to request dates for yourself, but you should still have a wide choice of people. Gold is the minimum service you will require and  you should seriously consider VIP if it is available and offered, as our success rate is very age dependent, especially so if having children is still on your radar.

    41 to 53

    As very successful gentlemen given the choice, tend to date ladies younger than themselves, the service starts to slow down and you are likely to have to initiate most of the dates to get the best from the service. To maximise your chances of success you are likely to need our VIP level of membership, if it is available. We may offer to put you on a Diamond Membership with priority of the next VIP membership place when it becomes available. (we limit VIP’s to a maximum of 4 in each age group – that gives us a hell of an incentive to get VIP paired up!).

    Over 53

    We have found from experience that our gentleman are very reluctant to accept dates from ladies after age 46/47. So we are not happy about the level of service we can provide to you. We would of course love your money, however even if you were our close friend, we feel it would probably be a waste of your money joining, regardless of how young you may look, but please feel free to call us and we will give you advise on better ways of meeting people than joining a dating agency, or which would be the best agency to join. BEWARE many agencies make out all is rosy charge you £10K then you wait 9 months for a date.

  • 25. How successful is the service?

    This obviously depends on many factors, but be guided by our ‘10’ rule. For every 10 people you choose to meet through our service, experience tells us 2 will be a complete waste of time, 6 out of 10, will be very interesting but without enough in common to take it further. Two out of the ten, you will date several times and they will become friends. When you have 4 good friends one is likely to become so special that you leave us. NEVER JUDGE US BY MEETING ONLY TWO OR THREE PEOPLE. Providing you meet members TWICE, the ‘10’ rule ALWAYS works.

    In the 30 years we have been in business we genuinely do not know of any other agency that can match our success rate, hence why we are unique in the industry by offering money back guarantees and have done so since 1985 (try asking other introduction agencies to match our guarantees or just one of them!).

    We were however perplexed how other agencies were claiming 80% and 90% success rates, when we’ve never achieved that. Then “EUREKA”, what they are claiming is that they “successfully match over 90% of their members”. Sounds impressive hey! what that actually means is that within your 12 months of members at least 90% of their members get at least ONE introduction. On that basis we have a 100% success rate and always within 4 weeks of joining.

    We find that “success” statement very dishonest. One of our “mystery shoppers” a “paid spy” ” when visiting an expensive agency for her interview pressed them a little harder on their impressive “80% success rate” by asking how they defined success? – answer “a three week relationship!” – Not bad hey for £6K. ( although she did not join she was the bast date they could arrange for guy that had been with them for two months, I wonder if all the  3000 members they claimed to have were on holiday!

    We define success as nothing less than at least living with your long term partner and hopefully an awful lot more and probably with children ** (that takes more than 3 weeks though!). If just one of our clients had to wait even six weeks for their first introduction we would apologise, eat worms, then die of shame. Even in our worst case scenario of, a 6ft tall lady, with a two month old baby and smokes 2 cigarettes a day (can’t get any worse – as we would tell her at her interview – no chance), even she is GUARANTEED at least 10 quality introductions in 12 months otherwise we would apologise and make a refund.

    **Hey guys a note: If you form a relationship with practically any of our women aged under 38, who does not have children, then you can take it as 98% sure that if they meet someone special they will want a child in the near future (even if they think at the moment they are “not fussed about children”. If you are not into the children scene, either date ladies already with children, or ladies over 38. If you want a lady aged 30 to 38 who does not have children and does not want children then join another agency, not ours, we’ve never met a normal woman in 30 years that fitted that bill! You could try an Eastern European of course providing your credit card has plenty left on it.

  • 26. Will the service definitely work for me?

    No. We cannot make people like you. We can only introduce you to a much wider selection of people than you are ever likely to meet without us. We would not however, offer you membership if we did not believe that our service was the best option in the UK for you. If you are in doubt, call and talk to us. If you have a nice personality and are presentable then generally the service works very well indeed. It will not work for people who are mean, unfriendly, cold or closed etc. At your interview we will give you an estimate IN WRITING of the probability of success given your circumstances along with an estimate of how many dates and in what time period you are likely to require to find a partner.

    If we do not honestly believe we are the best service for you, we will, given your circumstances recommend agencies more suitable for you. Why would we do this? – Simple if you have a poor experience with us or any another agency, it tarnishes the whole reputation of our industry (as happened to time share). However if an agency is successful for you, then you become our life long ambassadors, recommending our services to your Friends. As 40% of our new members come through personal recommendation you can see how important our reputation is to us, we must avoid failure.

  • 27. What happens if I tell you a lie?

    We expect every member to be honest with us. If you lie about your age, height, smoking, etc. we will remove your membership without refund as we cannot trust you, and our members deserve better than that. If, for example, you were married and still living with your wife, we would remove your membership AND press for criminal charges to drag you to court for obtaining our services through deception. All members have to sign a ” Statement of Truth with a legal declaration that everything they have told us is the truth and they have not withheld any relevant information (from nervous breakdowns to sexually transmitted diseases etc.) which may have affected our decision to accept them as members.

    We may impose specific conditions to their contracts to they may have to disclose certain information to members after meeting them for number of times. E.g. If a gentleman age 39 knows there is a high probability he cannot father children, then on a fourth date with a lady aged under 36 without children, he will have to tell her, and is required tell any member regardless of her age after six dates. – Or lose his membership – try asking that one at the bar before dating someone.

  • 28. What do we expect of you?

    We expect all members to be courteous, well mannered, reliable, respect other members and to have integrity. We expect you to act in a manner we can be proud of you and proud to recommend you to our members.

     If a payment is not honoured all our refund guarantees becomes void under these circumstances. We shall insist on the payment being made good. If you join at your interview you have a three day cooling off period to cancel your membership at no cost whatsoever providing your payment clears.

  • 29. Would I need / benefit from a 5 hour interview?

    You should normally opt for the 5 hour interview UNLESS NONE of the facts listed apply to you. If any ONE of these situations apply to you AND DEFINITELY IF TWO apply, you NEED and will benefit from the 5 hour interview – that is why we subsidise it, ( it normally costs £350 for a 5 hour interview). Many clients have found it life changing. A 2.5 hr interview enables us to screen out who we would like to offer membership to, but you will not have gained much of our knowledge about what your ideal partner is looking for and making really good relationships happen 98% of all ladies aged over 32 would benefit and should ALWAYS opt for the 5 hour interview and around 95% of our male clients opt for the long interview.

    If two or more facts stated below apply to you, and you only book a 2.5 hour interview we are unlikely to offer you membership as we will not take on clients we do not believe our service will work for. If you then need to come back for a 5 hour interview it costs £340. Your first interview is heavily subsidised at only £35 for a daytime 5 hour interview as we have found it the key to our succes rate

    Someone wiser than us once said “if you do not change something about today, the future will be repeat of the past” that usually means continuing to date losers. You have to make some changes about yourself. A 5hr interview will give you the knowledge gained over 26 years to do just that. In 26 years not one client has ever said the 5 hour interview was too long, but it was really informative.


    You did not start dating until 20+? Attended a single sex school? Shy or a private person? Single argumentative or emotionally cold parent/s or home life, bullied/oppressed at home or school, appear cold, old for your age or too serious? Not comfortable or do not trust / understand the opposite sex, lack focus, direction or self-esteem, do not think you will want children. Moved schools or homes often. Not held onto a decent relationship for 2+ years Predominately a one sex family – mainly women or mainly men Strong mother weaker father Lack of warm memories prior to age under 5 and most importantly – you would NOT aspire to settle for a relationship of a similar quality to your parents when you were aged 12 to 15.


    In addition to the above. Were your early dates with guys 20% older than you or married. Did you date losers – weak, mummies boys, cold selfish, mean, uncaring, married or deceitful men. Do you seek other peoples approval, is it important what people think about you. Do you give too much – are you taken advantage of and let down. Do you attract and date younger men? Do you attract men who are possessive, jealous, controlling and drag down your self esteem, do your friends tell you that you are too independent, scary to men, think like a man, not girly enough etc., Father often away from home, very busy, strict or grumpy. You kept one boyfriend through most of your time at university, or lived at home when attending university..


    Was your mother NOT at home under the age of 7. Was your mother unhappy, or undemonstrative, have you ever been told you are cold, insensitive or “too nice” or a “sweet man”

    All of the above have a considerable effect of frightening off a true soulmate – (and who the hell wants an average marriage that most people settle for?) and will attract the wrong sort of people to you. We would strongly recommend you take the 5 hour interview. If you would “die for a relationship as good as your parents had when you were a aged 10 to 15 and attended a mixed sex school and have several warm memories aged 3 or 4 years of age” the chances are 2.5 hour interview is all you need, otherwise the 5 hour interview is the key to understanding what you must do to break the pattern.

    IF YOU THINK 5HRS OF YOUR TIME IS TOO MUCH TO INVEST IN FINDING A LIFE PARTNER, PLEASE DO NOT CALL US – try internet dating or an ordinary dating agency.

    The costs of these 5 hour “in depth” interviews are heavily subsidised and shown in Para 6 above.

  • 30. Can I suspend my membership?

    Yes. On all lifetime memberships you may suspend your active membership as often and for as long as you wish and stop your monthly service fees. You may reactivate your membership at any time by paying the appropriate service fee. On a fixed term membership it will expire at the end of the fixed period.

    Yes. On all lifetime memberships you may suspend your active membership as often and for as long as you wish and stop your monthly service fees. You may reactivate your membership at any time by paying the appropriate service fee. On a fixed term membership it will expire at the end of the fixed period.

  • 31. How safe is your service?

    We interview every new dating member in depth, we insist on home addresses and home telephone numbers, we have photographs of every member and all members are required to sign a legally enforceable statement about themselves. We log and keep details of all dates for at least three years. We look into any complaints so we can build up ‘intelligence’ on members who could be a problem. We remove membership from people we are not happy with.

    Remember the  internet dating  single may be someone we have already declined to accept or removed from membership. To stay a member with us, we have to be proud of you In our 30 years we have had but one unpleasant incident, a guy stalked a member after they had lived together for a year, we however keep details of everyone you have met and hold information so they can be traced, safer than even a best friend recommending someone to you. We have taken details from official documents such as passports and driving licenses etc.We do not know of any safer way of meeting people than through us. However all members should take normal precautions. To invite a date back to your place after a first date is crazy

  • 32. How confidential is your service?

    Very. We have top business people and world famous names, indeed one of the most famous people in the world has been a member, so your confidentiality is essential to us. We never use our trade name on outgoing calls; messages on answer phones are left in such a way that they may be replayed in company and your guests wouldn’t have any idea what it was about. Nosy secretaries? No problem, we won’t even leave our telephone number (B.T. call return service won’t get it either).

    Some agencies will show your photographs to anyone who comes to their offices, we never do. Because of the high status of many of our clients we would consider that to be a serious breach of confidentiality. Even in the event that we were burgled, we do not keep records of your name, address, telephone number or photograph at our London offices. We do not use “serviced offices” with paper thin walls so your conversations cannot be overheard by others. All waste paper waste paper is shredded. All members are required to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement.

  • 33. If I want, does it get cheaper?

    Never. Special offers! We know of agencies that charged £800 to join and then if you didn’t, offer the same service for £99. Some agencies will drop the price as a pressure to join on the day. If you are thinking of joining other agencies wait a while and you may be surprised at the “special discounts” that are offered to you.

    We never discount our fees to new members other than the published special discounts

    for the under 30’s and skin colour as we want the members we introduce you to, to be

    decisive and have joined for the right reasons. We treat all members as friends so we

    give you this promise, no new members pay less than you do. Our “spy” was

    interviewed by one “exclusive introduction agency” and declined the membership at

    £5K+ when offered to her, to be called a few weeks later and asked to meet some of

    their clients, as she was the best date they could scrape up for their clients.


    Some agencies charge the women thousands and then give male memberships away free – we will not, if you think it is acceptable for the women to pay so you don’t have

    too, or don’t think the quality of our women is worth every penny of your membership

    fee, then we ( and our women) would prefer you go to a cheap agency or one that takes

    men on free.

    Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” Put another way

    When have you EVER  regretted buying the best? And how often have you

    regretted buying because it was cheap?

  • 34. What if I am not happy?

    Tell us! Discuss any problems with your advisor. If you are still not happy talk to our Dating Service Manager and if you are still not happy call our owner Alun Jenkins ( he makes himself directly available to members 12 hours a day – sad sod hey!). Our job is to make you happy. We care about the success of our service and always strive for excellence.

    To be a member of our organisation is a privilege, as it is, to be of service to you. We

    are “family”. As a last resort you could always make use of our famous refund

    guarantee, where we will pay the joining fee of any other introduction agency in the

    world. We do not know of any other agency in the world that will match this offer.

  • 35. Why service fees?

    Your joining fee is spent on marketing to attract the quality of members we do. This fee is not sufficient to cover the normal staffing and office costs. Active members pay a monthly service fee which is their contribution towards the running costs of the organisation, office rents, postage, salaries, insurance, etc. (and Alun’s wages/profit – “thank you” around £5 to £10 a month per member).

    Another advantage to members is that it means all your introductions are with active

    members, not with loads of “sleepers” just resting on the database for years – just in

    case? or men that were given free memberships just to make up the dating numbers.

    Monthly Service fees are: Passive & Basic – £20, Gold £33, Executive £65, Diamond

    £90, VIP £135 & Presidential £145

  • 36. Does nationality make a difference?

    Yes it can. It is also dependent on your fluency with English, as can your skin colour or religion. (Did you notice our discounts for different skin colours? See paragraph 9L) If you phone us we will tell you honestly what prejudices exist and how it affects the service to you. About 80% of our […]

    Yes it can. It is also dependent on your fluency with English, as can your skin colour or

    religion. (Did you notice our discounts for different skin colours? See paragraph 9L) If

    you phone us we will tell you honestly what prejudices exist and how it affects the

    service to you. About 80% of our members are white skin English with 20% of our ladies

    and 10% of  our men being  from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

  • 37. Are you a member of a trade association?


  • 38. What defines an introduction?

    We define an “introduction” as when we have told both members about each other and both of you have said yes to meeting. We then pass over a first name and a telephone number as you have both agreed to meet. It is a condition of membership that you should meet each other, even if it is for 15 minutes over a coffee. If for some reason you cannot contact each other, call us and we will investigate. If after talking on the telephone the member is reluctant to meet you, call and tell us. If this happens to you more than 1 in 10 occasions it is almost certain you are doing something on the telephone to put them off. If this is the case, call your advisor who will assist you and if need be, arrange an appointment with one of our staff to advise you on how to improve your success rate.

    Remember we cannot make people like you, at the time we told you of each other, you

    must have both wanted to meet, otherwise we would have stopped the introduction if we

    felt the member was not keen to meet you. If you are not getting the best from the

    service call in and make an appointment to meet with Alun its FREE. were are here to


  • 39. What is the company structure?

    The Executive Club is the trading name of several trading organisations all family owned. Members of The Executive Club of St James’s join ‘E.C. St. James’s’ and this is the name that shows on ALL credit card transactions. Payment of your service fees and the dating service is carried out by ‘E.C. Seaford Ltd’. VIP members join ‘VIP Services’ Training couses are carried out by singles consultancy a partnership. We have two offices, a smaller office / training centre in London used only for interviews and a large dating centre in Seaford East Sussex where the dating staff work.

    We employ 1 full time and 4 part time evening dating staff, and the owner Alun Jenkins

    . Alun normally try’s to answer all new member enquires and the members emergency

    hot line from 8am to 9pm on 077542 57642 (the line follows him around so expect a

    delay while Mr Telecom locates him and occasionally expect a poor signal as the train

    dives into a tunnel). Alun interviews most clients personally – as he only moans that the

    quality of people we would accept as members is not good enough!  All matching and

    administration is carried out by specialist staff as Alun can’t even remember where he

    put his glasses.

  • 40. How do your fees compare with other agencies?

    Professional introduction agencies who interview their members are expensive to operate, they have certain overhead cost that have to be met. The main cost of all quality agencies is the marketing costs to attract the right calibre of people. Other costs are office and staff wages to service their clients. The fees of other agencies operating at a “professional” level usually charge between £1800 and £2000 for service very similar to our Basic membership at £1150. For a higher level of service such as our Gold Membership at £1865 you can expect to pay from £3000 to £20,000 and your membership may expire after a year, where ours is lifetime membership. You may re-activate your service even after several years (we couldn’t have done our job well enough). We give money back guarantees that our service is superior to any other introduction agency in the UK.

    For a comparison we have taken our competitors level of service similar to our Basic at

    £1150 and our Gold membership at £1865 (although they may be only for a fixed period

    of only 12 or 15 months. Drawing Down the Moon at £2K or £15K, 12 to 24 months

    . Sara Eden at £2K to £10k 12 months Berkeley International from £12K, 12 months

    Gray and Farrar From £18k 12 months. County Register at £2,000 to £10K, 18 months.

    Rhodes Harvey £9K to £30K, Seventy Thirty at £18K, to £100K ?? 12 months. For the

    members we choose to accept we guarantee our service is superior to any of these

    other agencies even at 10x our fees – and we back up this statement with a money back

    refund guarantee. We are the only agency in the U.K. to do so, and have done so since

    1985 and this may account for why we can stay so selective and obtain so many

    members through personal recommendation.


    To read the onerous small print of some of our competitors contracts see section 13 of

  • 41. Would a more expensive agency give me a better service?

    We doubt it, providing you fall within our criteria for us to offer you membership, we know of no other service even at 10x the cost that can match our service. Ask any other agency if you can try them for six weeks to check out the quality of their members and have ALL your money refunded towards any other agency in the world without reason, other than you ask for it. We know of no other agency regardless of cost that offers EVEN ONE of our refund guarantees let alone the four we are proud to offer our clients, in writing, and have done so for 30 years.

    How do we know we are better? Because we employ independent mystery

    shoppers to attend interviews and then supply independent reports. We

    send “losers” for interviews, they were all offered membership. One ‘spy’

    was unemployed and emotionally unstable but was accepted by all the

    agencies she attended, including those claiming to only accept high net

    worth individuals etc. One agency costing well over £5K to join, contacted

    our spy one month after attending her interview (but had not t joined), to

    ask he she would date some of their members. She agreed and she was

    the best date they could scrape up for  new j members who had waited

    2months for this first date.. We also monitor public complaints, about the

    service they receive from various agencies.


    You also have to ask the question would the sort of person you would like

    to meet be happy to pay these fees (it’s an ego problem for a man, even if

    he’s a millionaire and can afford it, he has the problem of why should he

    need to pay such a large fee, what’s wrong with him! It’s the male mind –

    one person earning £1M A WEEK responded to an advert we placed, to

    date one of our members free, we eventually persuaded him that scratching

    around the internet and grasping at free dates was not the best way to find

    a soulmate and we were able to prise open his wallet to join as a full

    member. Younger attractive ladies would not have the need to be paying

    huge sums for dates.

  • 42. The written guaranties

    We offer a £200 reward to the first person able to find any UK professional dating agency that will match or better even half of the guarantees we offer below in writing ! And another £200 if you can find any agency in Europe or the USA.

    a. We will refund your joining fees towards any other agency in the world

    should you even think someone else can provide you with a better service.


    b. We give every dating member the minimum number of introductions

    they will receive in one year in writing or the right to a proportionate refund

    (others may NOT specify time periods then extend your membership until you reach the minimum number promised – that could add up to two dates a year and you could be on your second Zimmer frame before your number of dates are achieved).


    c. Members joining at their interview may:

    i. change their mind within 3 days of joining and have ALL their membership fee refunded.

    ii. You may also cancel your membership for ANY REASON within your first

    two months e.g., moving area , met someone (even through us) and be

    entitled to a 50% REFUND.


    iii. Should you become unemployed we will refund 50% of your joining fee

    within your first THREE MONTHS and allow you limited use of the service

    at our discretion.


    iv. For Presidential Plus members, should you not find a partner that you

    decide to marry or live with within two years we will refund all your

    membership fee.


    v. If you are already an active paid up member of another introduction

    agency within your original membership period and tell us at your interview,

    then should they find your partner to marry we will refund your membership



    vi. If you meet 15 of our members twice without finding at least a three

    month relationship, will make a refund up to £500

    All this is in addition to the free or subsidized interview we give all clients ,

    whether you join or not.


    STOP PRESS. We thought we had found one other agency in the UK

    called Elan, that was coming somewhere near to matching one of our

    guarantees, but on closer inspection no.


    Upon reading their guarantees they are couched in proviso’s that make

    them nearly worthless.It applied to only one membership level. To qualify

    for their “join a better agency” refund guarantee, you must stay with them

    for at least 12 months AND meet at least 10 members TWICE, and they

    could take 5 years to provide that to you, and still be within their contract.

    They exclude most of their memberships from this guarantee and they word

    their guarantee that the new agency must meet certain criteria. As The

    Executive Club would not accept a lady aged 60 and dress size 18 (as

    there would not be hope in hells chance of getting her a committed

    relationship and we have 30 years experience) The Executive Club would

    be excluded from their guarantee.


  • 43. How can you provide a top level service at these much lower fees?

    The reason we can keep our membership cost lower than others is:

    a. We have been around since 1985 and have many thousands of happy ex clients recommending our service to their friends, hence over large % of our new members join through personal recommendation. Without this level of recommendations, we would need to treble our membership fees as we would have to spend huge sums on marketing to obtain sufficient new members of the quality we require.

    To achieve this level of recommendations require an agency to have been

    around long enough to accumulate thousands of ‘happy’ ex clients”, and to

    have been perceived by them as value for money thereby making it easy to

    recommend us to close friends.



    b. We only interview clients in London, our main service centre is in Sussex

    where rent and rates are 75% cheaper than central London and our labour

    rates are 50% less than London. In addition we are able to cream off really

    caring employees (with the extra confidentiality advantage that they live 70

    miles from London so they are unlikely to know you or your friends).

  • 45. Image / Lifestyle Consultant

    To assist you to get the best from our service, and we do like success we will make considerable contributions  towards training courses independent image / lifestyle/ wardrobe /personal shopper consultant to give you a four to five  hour consultation.   We also give you payments towards flirtation training, make-up training, photo shoot and an intensive training […]

    To assist you to get the best from our service, and we do like success we will make considerable contributions  towards training courses

    independent image / lifestyle/ wardrobe /personal shopper consultant to give you a four to five  hour consultation.


    We also give you payments

    towards flirtation training, make-up training, photo shoot and an intensive

    training for the over 40’s ladies. See Para 51 for full details.

  • 46. Special Note on interviews

    We interview in far greater depth, than any other agency in the U.K. A standard free interview is 2.5 hours with a member of staff. Most clients however opt for an interview with the owner Alun and find this most informative and the full 5 hour interview (charged ) is often a life changing experience and 97% of women we see should definitely take this option. and about 90% of men opt for 5 hours as well.

    All interviews are on a one to one basis.

    SHORTER INTERVIEWS 2.5 hours are with a member of staff started at

    11am.  Interviews carried out by our owner Alun Jenkins are charged at a

    heavily subsidised rate see para 6 for times and costs.(£35 for a 10am

    interview). We will interview at weekends and bank holidays but we charge



    We will ask you to tell us a story of your life so far, and we will give you

    some information based on our 30 years’ experience of the opposite sex

    and relationships. We ask you many personal questions and require you

    tosign a legal declaration that all is true and you have not withheld any

    relevant information. (if you do not join this document is destroyed either in

    your presence or within 14 day if you go home to consider joining). These

    questions include the state of your physical and psychological health, ability

    to have children, financial situation, criminal record etc.,


    We will at the end of the interview, either advise you that our service is not

    likely to be successful for you and maybe recommend a more suitable

    agency For your needs, or recommend one of our Executive Club

    memberships. You are under no pressure to join and may go away and

    take as long as you wish to consider the situation. We never call you after

    attending an interview.


    FULL 5 HOUR INTERVIEW Full interviews are usually booked for 10 am or

    5pm.at (charges involved see para 6) In addition to the contents of a

    normal free shorter interview we run through what makes our service

    different to every other ( we do this at the start, so at the end of the

    interview so we can’t then ‘gloss it up’ to be just what you’re looking for).



    You tell us your life story from birth until the present in greater detail. Your

    childhood is particularity important to us to understand why you may attract

    the wrong sort of attention/person. We can advise you of any changes in

    attitude or behaviour that will improve the situation. We often encourage

    people to soften their ‘hard shell’ to find someone very special (as opposed

    to another ‘grey’ relationship or boring marriage as many people settle

    for).We work on the basis “if you don’t change something about the present

    – the future will always be a repeat of the past”. We will give you the

    confidence and knowledge to attract and keep top quality partners.



    We go on to define “love” so you don’t settle for a second best relationship

    as most of the population do. We explain how the opposite sex thinks and

    how relationships develop from sexual attraction to becoming the single

    most important feature of life. We will explain the statistical facts of why for

    certain groups of people it becomes a very competitive environment and

    how to ‘load the odds’ in your favour. We usually give you relationship

    and dating tips.


    Only the last hour of this interview is about us, at the end of which we may

    either recommend an agency more suitable for needs or we offer you a

    membership level you would require to benefit from the service.


    Occasionally people get upset because we will not let them join at a “cheap

    level” as we do not believe it will work for them given their circumstances –

    we do not like failure. We would prefer they take their money and join a

    cheaper agency. If you are offered membership, you will be required to sign

    a strict legally enforceable confidentiality contract as we have had several

    world famous people as clients. (see a copy on www.ecsf.co.uk).


    We are not trained as, or attempt to be psychologists, we do however give

    advice on dating and relationships in general, based on our 30 years

    experience. Occasionally about 1 in 50 of our female clients find the

    interview intrusive and unpleasant, unfortunately because of their closed

    nature we are not able to pick this up at the time and they may get upset

    with what we have told them, often a day or so after the interview ( one

    reason we give a 3 day cooling off period) and especially so if we

    recommend they join another agency instead of ours.


    We will always give our time to a client in an attempt to help them, even if

    we know they are not suitable for our agency. We treat you as though you

    were our brother/sister we will not flatter you and tell that life is all magic,

    we tell the truth, the way it is. If you feel uncomfortable at any stage of the

    interview, please discuss it with us. In the interests of our members we will

    not offer membership to anyone that remains closed and secretive. If you

    are one of the 1in 50 clients this pertains too, we apologise for not being

    able to sense it, and please feel free to terminate the interview and leave at

    any stage. To read the comments of clients after attending the interviews

    read www.letsmeet.me.uk

  • 47. Additional Membership Benefits

    Although you are always welcome to go home after your interview and consider for a few days whether you wish to join (the fees are the same), it then requires us to make a second appointment to complete the paperwork and take photographs. So we offer a few extra benefits for clients joining on the day.

    If you join at your first interview, any membership costing £700 or above,

    then we complete all the documentation and give you.




    We refund all your joining fees. In addition we also add these extra benefits

    to your membership.



    You can pay just 50% of your membership fee with two payment  of 25%

    over the following two months.



    If within your first two months of joining (provided you do not owe us any

    money) we will allow you to cancel your membership e.g you may move

    away, have met someone (even through us) indeed FOR ANY REASON we

    will refund 50% of your total joining fee. If you wish to rejoin at a later date

    you would need to re-apply as a new member. You will need to repay any

    additional training you have received or vouchers redeemed at the normal

    published rate.



    If you are made redundant within three months of joining and become

    unemployed we extend the 50% refund guarantee to THREE MONTHS

    . We may at our discretion allow you to continue with a reduced service. We

    will also allow you to rejoin as a lifetime member within 12 months by

    topping up the membership fee

  • 48. Training Courses and Cashbacks – Refunds

    To assist the success rate of our clients we have sourced useful training courses and we pay cash – back refunds of your membership fee towards the cost. The Course fee ( available to non members) are shown thus Cost (£259) and the members refunds are shown thus *£200*.

    FLIRT TRAINING trainer Alun Jenkins Two hours, one to one training ( or bring a same sex friend for +£100), for men or women.

    Male Course:

    How to approach any woman without rejection, how to get the date and

    then be the best date she has ever had.


    Female Course:

    How to make SINGLE men notice you and ask you for a date. How to

    change their brain chemistry from across a room so they see you as very

    attractive and give them the courage to approach you. How to make even a

    wink turn into a date. How to make make “chemistry and a WOW factor on

    dates. How to get him to chase you for a second date. How soon before

    sex? Cost (£225), cash-back for members, Social and Basic *£70*, Gold *

    £180*, VIP *£195*



    Three to four hour consultation and personal shopping. Sammy will meet

    you in London discuss what style and colours would suit you,

    then visit appropriate shops to advise you what to buy.

    Women: Two dating outfits – dresses, skirts and tops, one work outfit,

    appropriate bra’s underwear and accessories, handbags and shoes to suit

    your new look. She will select clothes that highlight your strong features

    and suppress your weaker ones.


    Sammy will not accept commission from any shops so she is free to use

    ANY shop which means she can often source top quality items at a fraction

    of High Street retailers. You choose your budget and Sammy will go to work

    for you.

    The cost includes coffees, snacks and taxi’s. Cost:  London (£495) start at

    11am or Saturdays Plus £25 start at 9am. Cash-back for members. Social

    and Basic Members *£125*, Gold *225*, VIP £450*


    MAKE-UP Trainer LANA

    Time 2.5 hours. Lana is a top French trained make- up artist employed by

    the leading UK retailer. She will teach you how choose and apply the right

    colours and make-up to suit you. What and where to buy, how to apply, to

    look stunning for that first date or appropriate for business. If you talk to her

    nicely she can arrange to have your photo session taken afterwards. Cost

    (£125) Cash-back for members: Social and Basic *£25*, Gold *£40*, VIP *




    Time 1.5 hours. Bring at least three colour changes of clothes, black does

    not photograph well. All those of you that say you do not take a good

    photograph we will defy, it takes time and maybe a glass of wine to relax

    you, but everyone says that the photographs are the best they have ever

    had taken. We will take between 120 and 200 photographs and supply

    them to you on CD. You will own the copyright so you may make copies at

    will. Cost (£145). Cash-back for members, Social and Basic *£70*, Gold*

    £125*, VIP *£125*



    Paula set out at the age of 50 to get herself happily married, she applied

    her business skills to the task. She is indeed now happily married and in a

    position to teach others. We have seen the results of her intensive training

    so we are happy to recommend her, indeed one of our members is happily

    residing in a large Surrey estate with her man, she was only the the second

    lady he dated and she made such an impression two was enough. She will

    advise you on everything from changing your attitude towards dating and

    men to having your teeth whitened and more. She normally works only with

    a few high status clients but we have negotiated with her to provide an

    intensive two hour consultation. Cost (£450). Cash-back for

    members,Social & Basic *£150* Gold *£225*, VIP *£400*


    NOTE: ALL these notes are given for guidance only. We have so many

    different membership levels certain factors may not be applicable to every

    level of membership. If a specific factor contained in these notes is

    important to you, call and seek our advice before joining. We constantly

    seek to improve our service, the situations these notes apply to may

    change and although these notes are given in good faith as fair, truthful,

    and honest, these guidelines do not bind us contractually.



    Tell us by e:mail at [email protected]